90% of Women giving birth receive at least 1 Medically, Unnecessary Intervention!


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My Mission Is To Support A Truly Empowering, Healthy and Easier Birth Experience For Every Woman.


Hi… my name is Tanya Grazione and I am just so happy that you are here!

I am a certified Doula, certified Hypnobirthing® Childbirth Educator and a certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist. Between education and Birth Doula services, I have supported hundreds of women and their families!

I am so excited to share with you, Your Birth Membership  … this has been a labour of love and I’m thrilled that it is now ready to launch!  

Do you feel alone in your birth beliefs and lack the guidance necessary to guide you safely down the path to the birth you envision and deserve?

Then this community is for you!

I created something accessible to all woman right from your phone or computer!

This is not just another class. This is life changing.

Why did I create Your Birth Membership?


After a traumatic birth with my second child, I decided then and there that I was never again going to have that kind of birth experience …

All fear tactics, lack of respect and utterly dehumanziing!

I wanted to have more children, but I vowed to never be mistreated in birth again.

I wanted to fully embrace and experience the power within me to birth my babies and guess what?

I went on to have two more children, each born at home and each of these births were the most amazing, powerful and beautiful family experiences!

THIS was what all women deserve to experience when bringing their babies into this world. 

And this is what continues to fuel my passion for doing everything that I can to make this the reality for as many women as possible!

What do you get with Your Birth Membership?

  • Hear from experts in the field (Nutrition Expert, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Chiropractor, and more!)
  • 11 + modules full of video content that will educate, support and provide you with all the information you could ever want and need, to guide you step by step in planning your amazing birth experience.
  • Membership in our exclusive community where our amazing tribe of Mother Warriors are waiting to embrace you and share their knowledge, ask questions and be there with you every step of the way as well.
  • After baby is in your arms, Don’t leave Your Birth Membership! Let this be the community you have been seeking! This is your connection with other mamas to learn, cry, and laugh with!
  • Guided Meditations and Hypnobirthing audio.
  • My Fear releasing 5 step technique proven to replace your fears with confidence and excitement.
  • Hear from a Nutrition Expert and learn how to prepare for your Gestational Diabetes test way ahead of time and have a significantly higher chance of passing and have a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum!
  • Learn how to properly prepare your body with movements for labor.
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When you change the way you birth, you make generational change.

It is time to break up with fear.

It is time to break up with self doubt.

It is time to break away from other peoples narrative.

It is your birth, and with this membership, YOU will take control.

Your Birth Membership modules include...

  • What’s Happening in your Amazing Body During Pregnancy?
  • What is Childbirth? A comprehensive look into the history of childbirth and why some women experience pain while others don’t.
  • Keeping Childbirth Safe for You and Baby How to avoid unnecessary interventions.
  • The Importance of Birth Hormones What you need to know and how these play a key role in your experience.
  • Building Your Birth Support Team How to build your perfect Dream Team!
  • Birth Partners Guide to Supporting and Advocating for Mom
  • The Power of the Mind Fundamental keys to creating the ultimate calm birthing experience
  • Know the difference between Evidence Based care and Routine Care and how to advocate for your best plan
  • Your Epic Birth Plan Why this ONE thing could be the biggest game changer in your labour and delivery!
  • Preparing Your Body Getting your body “in shape” & healthy for physical labour.
  • Postpartum Fitness
  • Natural Ways To Stimulate Labour Easing your body into labour without invasive and aggressive means.
  • The Stages of Labour
  • What comes first, how will you know and all the stages that labour transitions through as you bring your baby into the world.
  • How to Push properly to reduce tearing and Push Time!
  • Pain Management Options & Making You Natural, powerful and effective remedies that are safe for you and baby.
  • The 4th Trimester What now? From the first 48 hours and beyond … taking care of you and baby in the best way.

And more...

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Here's What Mothers Are Saying About Tanya...

“Tanya is compassionate and confident and working with her put my husband and me at ease through my pregnancy and during our home birth. She was a wonderful support to us from start to finish and Tanya helped make my home birth the most impactful experience of my life.

I highly recommend hiring Tanya. I delivered my first three babies without a doula, and my fourth birth was a much different and far better experience thanks to Tanya. Tanya accommodated our schedules for Hypnobirthing classes and was always there when I needed her between sessions. She became more than a doula to my husband and me – she became our friend.

You will not regret working with Tanya. She is top notch and I am so grateful we hired her.”

~Amanda Tress

“Tanya is absolutely INCREDIBLE at what she does! There is no way I could have had a successful birth center birth without her.

The Hypnobirthing education she provided us was invaluable and even though this was my third child, I learned more from Tanya than I had ever known before. She was absolutely necessary for my labor and delivery. She was able to help my labor progress and provided me with support the entire time. She is literally THE BEST and I can’t recommend her enough to others.

She will help educate and empower you to birth your child in a gentle, healing and peaceful way. It’s absolutely beautiful and what every mom and baby deserves!

~Raven Kramer

"Tanya is a master of her craft. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, calm, and as a mom of 4, has walked this walk. She is a fierce advocate for women and our birth experience. She is hands on and strong as a mother.

We love you, Tanya! We are forever grateful for your guidance, mental and physical strength, and expertise.”

~Katie O’ Kennedy

“I HIGHLY recommend Tanya. From the first time I spoke with her she was so patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable. She spent an hour with me before we even decided to work together just answering my birthing questions as a first time mom, which blew me away. Throughout my entire pregnancy, she remained supportive, encouraging and empowered me to advocate for myself in doctors appointments to make sure that my voice was being heard and respected. As a first time mom, I experienced so many different emotions throughout pregnancy and she was always such an amazing voice of reason and source of calmness. We are so thankful to Tanya and look forward to working with her again in the future."

~Kahli Darrell

"Tanya’s positive, calming energy is contagious. She is so incredibly knowledgeable on everything birth related. Her education classes are a MUST for every expecting couple! The information she shares is so incredibly valuable for both parents. Working with Tanya not only cleared any fears I had of child birth, it got me EXCITED to birth. I owe it to her for being able to achieve the home birth I had dreamed of and I am forever grateful to have met her and to call her a friend"


“On a scale of 1-10 Tanya is a 16. This was our 3rd pregnancy and our only regret is not knowing to hire Tanya for the first 2. Her cool, calm and collected nature made the delivery process one we will cherish always. She was a mediator and encourager like no other. If you’re on the edge about hiring Tanya, do it and thank me later.”

~Jordan Johnson


A Message From Tanya...

My one goal and mission is to share everything that I have learned about creating the best and most positive, life changing birth experience with all women so that you too, can have the beautiful and incredible experience you were meant to have ...

Whether you choose to birth at home, a birthing center or a hospital ... Your Birth Membership will give you all the tools, the resources, the education and the SUPPORT to have YOUR birth experience by your design!

Many Blessings,
Tanya Grazione


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